Is Allu Arjun The Biggest Telugu Star Now ?

This summer saw some strange things happen at the box office, some films which were expected to do well failed to off and some others which were written off completely were the biggest successes. Now let us come to the point, a certain film starring a certain ‘mass’ loved star came with a big budgeted mass movie. The film opened with a disaster talk and then went out as quickly. The fans of that certain star then immediately shifted the debate of success into flop and termed their film the ‘biggest’ grosser among the disasters and hence made a point that their star was the biggest.

Now at the fag end of the summer season another film came with a similar set up and almost a similar character. This was Badrinath film starring Allu Arjun. This too opened with disastrous reviews and very poor word of mouth. But when one looks at numbers it has a different story to tell. Leaving aside the standard producers joke ( i.e. their ridiculous numbers which every producer gives) the film indeed was the biggest opener of the year. Some people still continued to call it as flop and disaster but as things stand today it is the highest grossing movie in many areas for Allu Arjun.
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