No 'Magadheera' Mistake For 'Badrinath'

The time has come for the biggest ever project of Geetha Arts banner to take the litmus test. We are talking about ‘Badrinath’ and as it hits the screens on June 10th, enough precautions are being taken by the makers. Leading from the front is Allu Aravind and it is heard that he is not repeating the mistake he did for ‘Magadheera’.
Apparently, two years after ‘Magadheera’ release, the dubbed versions were released in Tamil and Malayalam. As a result the response has been lukewarm. If only it was released simultaneously, the hype would have been strong and the results would have been much higher.
But now, it is heard that ‘Badrinath’ is being released simultaneously in Tamil and Malayalam as well. As such, Allu Arjun has a strong following in Kerala so the trade pundits say it will have a positive impact on the collections due to parallel release. Now, all rests on how good the film will be.
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