Badrinath to put breaks for Allu Arjun’s FS!

Allu Arjun was once considered as the hero with golden arm. All his initial films were hits. Except Happy, which was a decent earner in few regions rest of the films in Bunny’s first five flicks were hits. However, his struggles started with Arya 2in which he played an eccentric role that didn’t go down well with the masses.

Although Arya 2 has cult following, it is too limited that the film ended up as a flop. However, well wishers of Bunny claim that it was commercial hit. But in fact it is not. Later Varudu proved to be the first major disaster in Allu Arjun’s career.

Vedam which was critically acclaimed was ended up as flop on the commercial front. With a row of flops Allu Arjun has taken big decision to do a film of Badrinath’s caliber. This film is one of the biggest budget films in Tollywood history. Allu Arjun hopes that this film would put breaks on his flop streak and get him back into winning ways. Let’s hope so.
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