Allu Arjun refuses to work with Ileana

After Ileana's much talked about differences withNTR Junior post "Shakti", we hear, Allu Arjun has refused to work with her in a movie which he is all set to do with Trivikram Srinivas as the director and Danaiah as the producer .

Ileana, we hear, quoted a staggering `1.25 crore as remuneration plus an additional `40 lakh towards expenses.

Apart from the fat pay cheque she demands, her diva attitude is the subject of discussion. Industry folks allege that she always demands a Mercedes Benz to take her around while shooting. "She told us that it is her 'sentiment' to travel by a Mercedes Benz. She believes that if she travels in a Merc, the movie will be a hit. We believed her and gave her the car, but the movie bombed," a bitter producer said.
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