Will Arjun carry Mallu records to Andhra?

Ever since ‘Happy’ film roared at Malayalam Box office, the craze and following for allu arjun continuously increased in Kerala. All his recent flicks including with dubbing version of ‘Arya 2’ fared on part with direct Malayalam movies. Now, the time comes for ‘Badrinath’ Malayalam version to create new records. A source quotes that this film’s Malayalam distribution rights were sold at whopping Rs.1.1 Crore, a mark which isn’t achieved by any other South Indian non-Kerala hero in Kerala.
It is not surprising that even Telugu Fans of allu arjun are willing to see same records created for ‘Badrinath’ at Tollywood Box office. With release date nearing by, there is good amount of positive enthusiasm building upon the flick all around the State. Wish that Mallu arjun will carry Mallu records to Telugu field.
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