Only Allu Arjun Succeeded Among Young Heroes

Allu Arjun can be rated as one of the first heroes of South who introduced the culture of Six Pack Abs and the importance of present generation heroes to go for a macho look redefining the image of a South Hero which of course is followed by many of Bollywood Heroes later on.

Strengthening the abdominal muscles and loosing the body fat is not an easy task and requires dedication, time and patience. With proper diet and keeping the metabolism steady, Allu Arjun worked very heavily for staying fit all the way from his super hit 'Desamuduru.'

Director rajamouli who is hosting the show of 'Come on India' on HMTV has rightly picked Allu Arjun for en episode to give the young generations an idea about diet and the ways they can remain fit for long life. Allu Arjun has opened the secret formula before rajamouli and discussed it point by point about how one could be trained for this kind of body buildup by exercising regularly. The session between rajamouli and Allu Arjun was found very useful for all those people who go around gyms shaping their body.
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