Allu Arjun becomes Mega Star!

Nothing to panic! allu arjun might be a Stylish Star for Andhra folks but he seems to be rising to the level of a Mega Star in Kerala. Given the kind of following and leaps of growth in his Hero image, ‘All Kerala allu arjun Fans & Welfare Association’ has become the popular organization in Kerala doing immense welfare activities standing up to the name of Chiranjeevi in Andhra Pradesh.

Yes, allu arjun’s all the releases Arya & Arya 2, Simha Kutty (Gangotri), Krishna (Parugu), Bunny, Happy, Hero (Desamuduru), Varan (Varudu) are considered to have done the business on equal level with Star Heroes of Mollywood making him the most famous Hero.

Bunny is enjoying great fan following in Kerala and his Fans Associations (nearly 512 Units) are doing many charitable activities including the Blood Donation camps with the help of Kerala State AIDS Control Society. That is a good sign of Stylish Star becoming Mega Star.
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