Four reasons why Ram charan chose a love story like Orange

Ram charan explains 4 reasons why he chose to sign for love story like Orange.
'helllllllllllooooooooooo OOO-rangers......whr do i start answerin?

1. firstly i did orange because i didn't want to become a routine actor.

2. i need a different story after i did Magadheera. i didn't want an action movie. so i chose to do a pure love story wit genuine intention.

lot of people thought that i was mad for doing a movie like orange when i started shooting.they also thought i was moving away from masses.
but thats Not True.i was trying to get close to all the section of the society.personally i believe 1 movie can not satisfy all sections'.

3. my fav scene is my break up scene wit rooba...i really felt it when baskhar narrated the scene to me.

4.the songs i had a blast doing were HELLO RAMANTE and RUBA RUBA shazahn was looking great in the song.
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