Arjun 'All Clear' & Sirish 'Line Clear'

This Diwali will be most memorable for Allu Arjun as the important episode of his life that is Sneha Reddy is accepted by family members as Allu Aravind made it ‘Line Clear’ for the wedding of Bunny. Among the entire Allu family; one man who is enjoying this happy news more than even Allu Arjun is his bubbly brother Allu sirish.

After an official declaration by Aravind, Sirish has no bounds of joy and feels that he is next in the list for marriage. ‘Everybody is joking 2 me, ‘nuvve next’ or ‘inka nee line clear.’ But my marriage is at least 4 years away,’ Allu sirish tweeted. Well, Sirish is presently carrying the heavy burden of managing the creative aspects of Geetha Arts and hope that he doesn’t go against his father Aravind’s wishes.
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