Allu arvind making fun in tv shows

Mega producer Allu Aravind was seen in media like never before. The mega man was seen repeating the same news in all news channels and laughing with joy. He also went ahead with a satire on TV9 – For A Better Society slogan.

However, There was news in the media that Sneha Reddy's parents were not happy with Allu Arjun. As they desired to bring highly qualified person as their son-in-law. But, the news about the marriage leaked within no time, which made them bend their head for the well being of their daughter. It is also rumoured that Allu Aravind was behind the marriage news leakage to media.

But when a reporter raised the same matter, Allu Aravind ruled out the issue. He said their were no objections from Sneha Reddy's family and everything was fine between both the families. He also blamed media for the marriage news leak. Allu Aravind has to keep in mind that truth cannot be hidden for long!
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