Allu Arjun’s ‘Moves’ Torture Kannada Heroine

Stylish star Allu Arjun is known for his popularity among women and right now, one name is coming in all the way from Karnataka. Her name is Jennifer Kotwal and she did dabble in one or two films in Telugu as well. Right now, Jennifer seems to have gone bonkers about this young hero.

It is heard that Jennifer is going crazy over the dance moves of Allu Arjun and has been going ga ga over that. Especially the song ‘My love is gone…’ from ‘Arya 2’ is said to be her personal favorites and some are even saying that she has given him the tag of a ‘god’.

Well, the looks of it convey that Arjun’s moves have ‘touched’ her somewhere and she is unable to forget him. For now, it is the talk of the town in Bengaluru and whether it is just admiration or an absolute crush on Bunny, only the girl in focus can clarify that.
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