Sydney Media Coverage to Ramcharan "Orange"

Lights, camera, action:  Ram Charan, the star of the Bollywood movie Orange gets his moves from the director at South Steyne. Picture: ANNIKA ENDERBORG

The Australian media, especially the Sydney media are giving a lot of coverage to Ram Charan's Orange movie!
Since the past few days, from Sydney Herald to 'The Manly Daily', every other newspaper has reserved space for the coverage of the this movie.
Couple of days back, it was Sydney Morning Herald which published two photos of Ram Charan and Genelia, with caption 'beautiful actress falls for handsome rugged hero'.

Today it was 'The Manly Daily' which covered the Oranage movie.
Incidentally the shooting for the movie is also taking place at the Manly beach just few hundred feet from the Manly Daily office.
Manly Daily says that Ram Charan and the other crew are braving the cold temperature and shooting without bothering about the temperature!

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