Khilladi the robber review

The latest dubbed movie of Stylish Star Allu arjun's Khilladi is getting more and more of mixed reviews.Reports from Trivandrum says that, they haven't got any support from the producers nor the distributors.Flex boards were very less and only a 4 ,5 flex boards were found in the Trivandrum city.

Moreover , Jismon who was dubbing for allu arjun was removed by other who had gave his voice for prithviraj in Kuttapiriv has affected the movie badly upto some exend.The name Khilladi was a low standard name.Anushka's expose was bit over and looked like a masala film. The posters indicates the movie just as a third class masala tamil movie..

But Stylish Star Allu arjun haven't disappointed us. His acting in serious situations was really wonderfull and showes his acting skills and had acted naturally. Anushka's actin was superb and the man , Manoj manchu had really impressed all the audience very well. The old man's who was in the 5th role was also good.

The movie had a Strong script and direction and the Climax was really mindblowing . The climax was really apt and mindblowing and the movie is giving a strong message ...

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