Bunny is the best : Tamanna

Tamanna who is acting with with Allu Arjun has described him in her own words!

she says that he is the most jovial person that she ever worked with!

"Allu Arjun tries to keep everyone in happy mood. I wonder on how he can keep his energy levels so high"
she said that Allu arjun is best dancer than any other dancer in today's industry and has said that Badrinath is a very very special film for her.....
Tamanna said that she is going to prove her acting skills once again through Badrinath which is one of the richest films in Telugu industry and is being directed by V.V.Vinayak..
FINALY she says dat BUNNY ROCKZZ!!!!!

Looks like Tamanna is having a blast with Allu arjun.
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