Allu Arjun’s luck connection with Kulu Manali

After 'Desamuduru', allu arjun has been in waiting for a long time to deliver a super duper commercial box office hit but his hopes continously went down the graph from 'Parugu' till 'Vedam'. As we know that , key portion of the movie 'Desamuduru' is picturized in Kulu Manali with Hansika Motwani and movie was a box office hit. Even personally, allu arjun likes the scenic spot too much.

Now , after a long period 'Badrinath' is shooting a lot of its talkie part in Kulu manali from some time and going by allu ajrun's luck connection with his mountain town, let us hope that 'Badrinath' will be a bigger hit than 'Desamuduru'.
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