Allu Arjun to marry Sneha Reddy

Sensational news for Mega Fans. Yes, Stylish Star allu arjun who is in love from last few years with Sneha Reddy, daughter of KC Sekhar Reddy, Director of SCIENT Engineering College is going to tie the knot with in next few days.

As Allu Aravind has agreed for the proposal, engagement is to happen in next month; if information from few of our regional channels is to be believed. Sneha Reddy is native of Hyderabad and completed her B. Tech, left to USA for MS.

Sneha Reddy’s MS has now come to an end, Arjun dared to open it before Aravind who agreed for it without any questions. Mega Fans all over the state started to celebrate the news. Great that Aravind accepted the girl from other community.
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