What made Varudu/Varan flop?

The facts that i believed which haven't made varan[varudu] a superhit is due to these :-

People are saying that this is the first flop movie of the Stylish Star and director guna shekhar haven't learned anything from his las mistake.

Allu arjun seemed as a matured guy in this movie. This doesn't suits him at all.

Tamil hero Arya's dialogues were bit bore and the kushmaanda dialoge which became a sensation in the telugu film aint done anything in malayalam.

The songs which was believed to be at the top of the mark didn't do anything.

The last fight between allu arjun & arya on the top of a well was really boring and the climax fight scenes were really looking like Hollywood movie Wolverine and X-men orgins.

The concept of the movie looked promising but the story , screenplay and direction are well short of the expectations.

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