No Imran Khan in Allu Arjun 'Badrinath'

Rumor riff some time back that Bollywood star Imran Khan would be starring in Allu Arjun's Telugu movie Badrinath, directed by VV Vinayaka. However, true to its status, this remains to be a rumor as credible sources say that Imran Khan is not featuring in Badrinath.

In fact Allu Sirish, younger brother of Allu Arjun confirms that it is only a rumor and there's no Imran Khan in Allu Arjun Badrinath. He believes this is the funniest and craziest rumor he ever read online.

Allu Sirish tweeted, "The craziest rumour I read online is Bollywood actor Imran Khan playing a cameo in Badhrinadh. lols. Totally untrue.. Thrs no connection what so ever between Imran & the film. So, I am trying to analyze what triggered this rumour? No clues so far."

Meanwhile Badrinath unit has returned back to Hyderabad after shooting for a 2 month schedule in Kulu Manali. VV Vinayak is directing the film, produced by Allu Aravind under Geetha Arts banner.
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