Mahesh is all set to cross Chiranjeevi

Prince Mahesh Babu is though arriving after three years to show his courageous ‘Khaleja’ in next month; best part of the publicity which has grabbed the instant attention is the song of ‘Sada Siva’ from Music Director Mani Sharma.

Yes, the sacred chanting of Lord Shiva was earlier done to deliver a super hit by Chiranjeevi in the form of ‘Bhum Bhum Bhole…’ and that was sensational ‘Indra.’ After that song from Mani Sharma, this is the second time once again he composed with same feel for ‘Khaleja’ and ‘Sada Siva’ is rocking the Internet and Lord Shiva temples much before the official release of audio.

Going by the craze for Mahesh Babu and the scale of publicity going for the song, Mani Sharma and Mahesh are confident of crossing Chiranjeevi’s ‘Indra’ song. Let us wait and see.

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