CHIRU FORCE formed by Telangana fans!

The Prajarajyam Party today pulled off a coup when the fans of Chiranjeevi, belonging to the Telangana region formed a slightly militant sort of outfit by name 'Chiru force'.

The force's main purpose is to attack and oppose anyone who tries to attack the films of the megastar family including that of Ram Charan, Pawan Kalyan, Allu Arjun etc.

Today the Chiranjeevi fans association presidents from the ten Telangana districts came together and announced the formation of the force.

Speaking to the media, Chiranjeevi fans association president from the Warangal, Karate Prabakar said that they would not mind attacking the people who dare to attack Chiranjeevi's family and films.

He also came down on the media for trying to project the people who attack Chiranjeevi's family as heroes.

The fans association president from the Nalgonda district warned that they would send people to attack the students, leaders etc who try to attack the Chiranjeevi's family and their films.

The fans association presidents said that Chiranjeevi formed the PRP only after they forced him to do so and now it is their duty to protect him.

Source : N O A

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