Allu arjun to vietnam & Cherry to australia

These young generation of heroes are proving too competitive and working with high spirits for the success of their respective movies.

Not alone decreasing the body weights or development of six packs, here are new ways by which you can hit the BO.

Look at Allu Arjun and ramcharan. Allu Arjun has already completed a rigorous training in special Martial Arts in Vietnam under the supervision of Peter Heins for his next movie ‘Badrinath.’

Following Allu Arjun is Ramcharan who is playing the role of a Football player in his forthcoming flick ‘Merupu’ in the direction of Dharani. Ramcharan is known to be undergoing speical and sufficient training of Football play in Sydney and Lisbon for the movie.

Better next time Movie Artists Association try Football Matches and Martial Arts Competitions at Lal Bahadur Stadium for Charity and surely Mega Family is going to win all of them.
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