Chiranjeevi to buy Rolls Royce?

Is Megastar Chiranjeevi poised to buy world’s renowned automobile company Rolls Royce? Reports say Yes!

Apparently Rolls Royce has launched its new version of car named as ‘Ghost’. And this new car has already received several bookings and one of the bookings is from Megastar Chiranjeevi. It seems that Chiranjeevi liked the Rolls Royce car and was fond of it. He’s now going ahead and purchasing it shortly.

Now guess what’s the price of Rolls Royce car? It costs Rs.2.20 crores. Huh!!

And this Rolls Royce car will be an addition to Chiranjeevi’s already big collection of posh cars.
The luxury car consist 6.6 Twin Turbo Charged V-12 Type Engine which allows the car to reach 100KMPH speed in just 4.7 seconds. Cameras fitted on the front side, rear side and on the top of the car will alert the driver if he moves in other than prescribed route. The suspension system of the car will automatically adjust the seating arrangement of the car depending upon the movements of the passenger. The 9.2 inch wide LCD screens fitted on the back side of the front seats will enable the passenger enjoy the live TV programmes or Movies. In addition, there are 16 Speakers and 2 sub woofers with 600W output will enhance the music system. The Company will design the interiors according to the taste of the customer.
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