Ashwin Mawle about alluarjun

Ashwin Mawle a fabulous stylist, and the proud co-owner of ENVY, gives Southscope the lowdown on styling the style icon himself- Allu Arjun, and gorgeous girls like Kajal and Shraddha Das.

Arjun gave Ashwin his big break into the industry as a stylist with Arya 2. Since then Ashwin has been styling Arjun in all his movies and events. In his own words, “Allu Arjun is just awesome! He is really cool to work with and he has always been a great buddy. The best thing is that he is totally open to new ideas and experimenting with new stuff.” As you must have noticed in Arya 2, Varudu and Vedham, Ashwin strives to give Arjun a completely new look in each and every movie while making sure he looks smashingly handsome and real in his characters.

He also styled Charan in shoots and covers and Rana in Leader.
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