Allu arvind is in deep trouble

Stylish star allu arjun's dad has been in a deep trouble.A gross mistake happened today at Chiranjeevi Blood Bank.
Prajarajyam party activists and few fans gathered at this place to celebrate India’s 64th INDEPENDENCE DAY.
On this occassion, Allu Aravind tried to hoist national flag and when he was opened, tricolors were seen upside down.
None present there noticed the blunder committed for a while.
Later they noticed and re-hoisted the flag in proper way

Police case is filed on Allu Arvind in Jubilee Hills Police station by All India Forward Block today afternoon.

This case is in reference with insult to National Flag done by Allu Arvind.

Allu Arvind who hoisted the National Flag in Chiranjeevi blood bank on the occasion of 15th August , couldn't do it perfectly.

The flag was hoisted 'up side down' which is big crime in IPC.

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