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arjun at South scope party held in chennai with Devi sri prasad (DSP), arya , karthi , simbu , dhanuSh , suhasini , tamanna , kajal agarwal etc...

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Allu arjun and his six packed Abs

if u have them , flaunt them ! but how to get them?Ahem! now thats a big deal..or is it?Blame it on allu arjun even though surya stormed in to the film industry with his six pack sculpted to perfection greek god body.
Buy for Some inexplicale reasons , it didn't catch the fancy of the nation despite setting the screen a fire.perhaps surya's fantasy body didn't seem accessible to an average man. or they probably thougth that he was born that way.
But when Allu arjun converted his near skin and bones exterior to a well sculpted six packs abs and bared them with gay abandon , almost every member of the masculine gender in the audience woke up.The realisation that it is achievable dawned on the star obsessed nation.its an entirely overlooked matter that our neighbourhood rickshawalas or construction workers always had them but had no clue that they were assets worth possessing.Hunks on screen inspire some real life action in guys of all agesto not give up on those ohso-wonderful sixpacks dreams but in reality its not hunky dory as it Seems discovers south scope.
The positive fall out of the phenomenon is the recent trend of flabby indian men hitting the treadmill with never before gusto.Arjun's in your face presence on all channels crooning away to glory saw not juSt young guys but also middle aged mamas head to the gym around the corner.
Result:gym owners are laughing all the way to their banks ever as their list of members enrolling for instant six packs programmes is increasing each passing hour..

But hey, wait , here's a word of caution for all you six and eight aspirants from khan, Surya's personal trainer .surya , even thought the latest to join the six pack brigade , he has one of the best boddies in this side of vindhyas. His Ahmed Haider pose has fast gained popularity the reason being he appears well-propotioned.
The other point is , it isn't all about working out . the body has to be well energised.Now , don't grab a can of red bull or power horse as you read this.we mean food and that again doesn't mean your thayir satham or koodi koora. what you need is a wellbalanced diet .Did you know that our muscles to remain and appear healthy , the proportion is 70 percent food and 30 percentwork outs!.So no matter how hard you try to get huge or lean,food is your mantra.Get it to get fit, okay?
Allu arjun in south Scope magazine
Allu arjun is considered as he youth icon of south india , he is the heartthrob of girls,dancing star of young generation , trendsetter of southindia , and more.
All these are well known for his die hard fans....

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Badrinath pair- Allu arjun & tamanna

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